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Wexford Town, County Wexford

county wexfordWexford is a vibrant town with a welcoming atmosphere for visitors from near and far. Wexford town lies on the south side of Wexford Harbour and closely follows the quays, which run northwest to southeast and are built upon reclaimed land.

The one mile long main street runs parallel to the river and most of the shops in the town are located along this street.

Hotels in Wexford provide quality hotel accommodation showing years of experience in the hospitality industry in Ireland.

Wexford was the centre of the 1798 rebellion against English rule and has always been a significant place in Irish history with many well-known songs and stories emanating from its eventful past.

The internationally recognised Opera Festival takes place in the town every autumn, attracting opera lovers from all over the world. There is something for all tastes in the Fringe Festival associated with this annual event, including art exhibitions, concerts, recitals, lectures, and the Guinness Swinging and Singing Pubs competition.

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