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Galway City, Galway

county galwayThe city of Galway is built on the River Corrib between Lough Corrib and Galway Bay. It is the third largest city in the Republic of Ireland and the only city in the Province of Connacht. In the Hiberno-Norman period "fourteen tribes" (merchant families) led the city, hence it's nickname the 'City of the Tribes'.

Galway is famous for its vibrant lifestyle and numerous festivals, celebrations and events that take place in the city annually. The Galway Arts Festival, the Galway Races and the Galway International Oyster Festival are amongst the major annual events round the city.

The Galway Arts Festival, first held in 1978 takes place each July and has grown into one of the biggest arts festivals in Ireland. This festival attracts international artists from all over the world, and provides opportunities for local and national performers also. Two local performance groups, Macnas and Druid, provide highlight shows during the festival and there are many other parades, street performances and plays, musical concerts and comedy acts.

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