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Cork City

county corkCork city is the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland after Dublin and is an important seaport in its own right. The River Lee flows through Cork city in two main channels, so it is a city with many bridges. The city itself climbs upward along the steep banks of the river and many of Cork's streets are hilly.

In the south of Ireland, Cork is a magnificent location with many tourist attractions and places of interest, such as Cork Museum, set up in an old brewery since 1909, which recalls the tumultuous history of the city. Another place well worth a visit is Cork City Goal. This old prison now established as a museum (with commentary during your visit in various languages) recalls life in prison, as if you were there.

St. Finbarr founded a monastery in the seventh century where St. Finbarr's Cathedral now stands. This attracted the attention of the Viking sea-pirates who raided and burned the infant city, but returned in later years to settle and trade. Cork has always had a reputation for independence and stubborn resistance and is often referred to as "The Rebel County".

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