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county corkCarrigaline is a single-street town located ath the mouth of the Owenabue river, about 12km from Cork City. The landscape is dominated by the river and gently rolling hills to the north and south of the town.

The Owenabue is a free flowing and tidal river with many forms of wildlife, such as swans, herons etc and there are long-term plans to have walks on both sides of the river and east and west of the bridge.

Carrigaline Castle is one of the oldest castles in Ireland built by the Norman de Cogan family around 1180s. The castle is situated on a rock from which the town 'Carraig Ui Leighne' takes its name.

When visiting Carrigaline there are many sights to see and things to do that will interest any tourists to the south of Ireland. While staying in Carrigaline you will find attractions such as fishing in Lough Beg, traditional pubs and walks near beautiful coastlines.

Because of its close proximity to Cork airport, Carrigaline is an excellent base from which to explore the south of the country.

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