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county corkBallycotton village, is a hilly fishing port, 30 minutes drive east of Cork city and is a popular destination for deep sea angling. Visitors to Ballycotton are always impressed with its picturesque harbour and wonderful cliff walks as well as an extensive marshy bird sanctuary. Over 300 species of birds visit this area, making Ballycotton one of Europe's most famous bird-watching sites.

The south of Ireland has many beautiful tourist attractions and sites of interest for tourists visiting Ballycotton. There is a very relaxed atmosphere and visitors are always made to feel welcome.

Activities such as walking and cycling are very popular here and there are numerous undiscovered places and secret sandy bays for you to discover and explore.

For the golf enthutsiast there are 10 golf courses within a ten mile radius of Ballycotton.

Ballycotton lighthouse is situated on an island approximately 2km from the village.

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