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county armaghArmagh comes from the Irish word "Ard Macha" - 'Macha's Height', referring to Queen Macha who supposedly built a fortress on top of a hill. Although it is the smallest of Northern Ireland's six counties, Armagh has no shortage of history, culture and scenic landscapes.

Armagh is often referred to as the 'Orchard of Ireland', because of the rich apple growing industry in the north of the county.

Its county town is Armagh, in the middle of the county, although both Lurgan and Portadown, in the north of the county, each have larger populations.

Armagh has many attractions for the visitor, including the Royal Irish Fusiliers Museum, the restored Palace Stables, Armagh Planetarium, Observatory and Astropark.

Traditionally Armagh has been the centre of Christianity in Ireland, and both Roman Catholic and Church of Ireland leaders in Ireland are based in Armagh.

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